At Plumb1 Industries, we are Sunshine Coast gas fitting specialists. 

Along with all our certification, licensing, insurance and experience, we have the tools and equipment to deal with the gas-fuelled appliances that homes, businesses and industries have come to rely on. 

Our experience—from residential to industrial applications—includes installation and maintenance, as well as gas reticulation pipework.

Along with providing the full range of gas fitting services, we are also happy to provide our professional advice regarding gas products and repairs for them, all backed with a wealth of experience in the field. 

As the ‘go to’ Sunshine Coast gas fitter for commercial operations, as well as homeowners, Plumb1 Industries would always advise on a safety-first approach to problems where gas supply is involved.

Anyone with tools from the local hardware store might feel tempted to tamper with gas fittings, but this is not something that Do-It-Yourselfers should tackle. The tragic results of faulty gas equipment are announced too often on the evening news.

At the first whiff of a gas leak, please shut off the supply and call us. Our entire reputation is founded on knowing the correct methods of dealing with gas lines and gas appliances. Installations and repairs are always managed by Plumb1 with safe operation in mind. And because, we’ve been doing this for so long, we believe no one else could do the equivalent job more efficiently or more affordably. 

What Do We Do?

Whether it’s a new installation or maintenance of long-standing gas equipment, we provide services for all fixtures regardless of brand or type. 

All our services are available to you, regardless of your use being residential, commercial or industrial and regardless of whether your installation will be needed in either construction or renovation phases.

Why Is DIY Gasfitting An Absolute No-No?

As stated already, jeopardising the safety of yourself and others is a complete deal breaker. But, in case you weren’t already aware, there are laws when it comes to the use of gas. 

Buying gas products and parts is fairly straightforward however, you need to be licensed when it comes to installation. If your project fails to comply, you could well void your insurance policies.

When you call our licensed Sunshine Coast gasfitter, you get not only a safe and professionally finished installation, you also get peace of mind. 

How to get in touch with Plumb1 Industries

To get quick help for your project, call us today. Alternatively, email us or use the enquiry form on our website.