Do you want your home to be fitted with gas as part of a home improvement?

Many people choose gas as the most convenient and flexible form of energy inside a home, suitable for both heating and cooking, and call out professional gas fitters like Plumb 1 Industries for installation.

If you are preparing for gas fitting in your Sunshine Coast home, then we have a few tips to make the process go more smoothly. 

Speak to your fitter beforehand

What are you looking for when it comes to installing gas fittings?

You might get a better idea of what to expect by speaking to the fitting team beforehand.

They can help you to imagine where the gas points might be best placed, or convenient links between the boiler and your mixer shower, for example. 

Have a plan for the gas meter

You will need to have a gas meter fitted, and you should think about the best place for this before the fitter arrives.

You might have a preferred location, out of the way of everything, or one which is likely to be free of furniture so it can be reached easily, but still not an easy location for pets to come into contact with it.

Talk to Plumb 1 Industries about the best place. 

Ask about gas stop points

Like with your water pipes, you will need to be able to turn off the gas quickly and easily.

This point should be easy to access, and you should be able to reach down without problem to stop it at any point. 

Keep your access points clear

Your Plumb 1 Industries fitter will want you to have a clear space around where you want the gas utilities to be.

This means removing all nearby furniture, cleaning down the surfaces and making sure that there is free access to all parts of the space. 

Turn off electricity and water

If you are having a gas boiler or oven installed in your home, you are likely to have to turn off the other utilities prior to the fitting.

This might mean turning off your electrical circuits or closing the water pipe. 

Find the ideal fitter

When you are looking for quality gas fitting on the Sunshine Coast, you need to be able to find someone ready to do the job.

Just contact Plumb 1 Industries today by reaching out to us online or by calling us on 0418 827 747 now.