Always, if you have any kind of gas fuelled appliances.

Only qualified and licensed gas fitters, those with the correct training for the job in hand, can touch anything to do with gas fired systems.

You cannot afford to get the mate of your mate in to do the job unless they have the correct training. 

Gas is a dangerous substance if not handled properly and can be fatal.

Leaks are just as deadly as explosions, so don’t take any chances.

The range of gas fired systems and appliances is very extensive and so the gas fitting industry is large too.

For your peace of mind, you need to choose the best firm of plumbers to do your gas fitting on the Sunshine Coast

We at Plumb 1 Industries have been in the business of gas fitting for over 20 years and there isn’t any job that we can’t tackle.

With that in mind, we have set out a few reminders of when you will need professional gas fitting.

Listen to the Professionals

It goes without saying that if you have a gas fired hot water system, you will need professional gas fitting.

Installation, repair, and maintenance must be done by qualified gas fitters.

Safety above all else must come first or you are playing with the lives of your family, employees, or customers.

In this instance, cutting corners is just too dangerous.

That also goes for your home pool or spa heating.

This is just as important if you are converting to gas or installing new gas appliances. 

On the commercial or industrial front, the need and scope for professional gas fitting widens.
Most restaurants and cafeterias use gas because it is much cheaper than electricity.

Also, there are industrial catering businesses that rely on gas.

As a versatile energy source, gas is used in many industrial applications where not only space heating is required but such things as drying and roasting too.

Gas fuelled systems can also be found on marine craft and mobile food vans.

There You Have It

As you can see by the few examples above, gas is a very widely used source of energy and if you have any of the appliances in the list, you will need professional gas fitting on the Sunshine Coast.

Lucky for you that we at Plumb 1 Industries can deal with any problem or installation that you have.

To get your questions answered or to make a booking, either contact us through our message page or simply give us a call.